Today, you've got just two movements. In your workout, you'll do as many rounds as you can of High-Knees and Dips in 2 minutes. When the clock runs out, you'll rest for 1 minute, then start the next round of 2 minutes of work. When the clock starts again, you'll pick up where you left off (i.e. if you ended at 4 Couch Dips, you'll pick it back up at number 5 and keep going as if you never stopped). You'll do this for a total of 3 intervals, or 6 total minutes of work.

The Dips can be performed on a couch, or any other elevated surface that's roughly hip-height, depending on what’s available to you. The idea is for you to lower your body from the elevated surface with your hands planted on either side of your hips, allowing your elbows to bend as much as possible, before pressing your body back up, bringing your elbows to full extension. Be careful not to set your body up too far away from your hands; over-stretching your shoulders and then trying to support your body weight can be a little dicey on your shoulders! Keep your body close to your surface (couch/bench) so that you don’t add any unnecessary torque to your shoulders. If you’re unsure of how to perform this movement, we suggest finding a video on YouTube before starting.

If the High-Knees are a little too much in terms of impact, try performing them as a march instead, still trying to drive your knees up as high as you can.


3 Rounds, slow and steady
20 Frankensteins
20 Plank Shoulder-Taps

3 Rounds; Work 2min/Rest 1min
30 High-Knees
10 Couch Dips

Couch Stretch 60 seconds per side
Triceps Stretch 60 seconds per side
Piriformis Stretch 60 seconds per side

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