For today's workout, we've got some built-in rest. How much rest, however, is up to you (mostly). The faster you move through each exercise, the more rest you'll get, and the slower you move, the less rest you'll have. For those of you who are newer to fitness, try your best to get through the movements consistently with proper form; speed shouldn't be on your mind. Focus on slow, steady breathing, rather than fast and shallow.

If you're looking for more of a challenge, move quickly and explosively. During the Jump Squats, aim for height (BUT you still need to get to full depth).


3 Rounds, slow and steady
10 Arm Circles
10 Lunges
10 Crunches

Every minute on
the minute, complete
Minute 1: 6 Push-Ups
Minute 2: 12 Jump Squats

Scorpion Stretch 90 seconds
Triceps Stretch 45 seconds per side
Couch Stretch 60 seconds per side
Butterfly Stretch 90 seconds

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