Today, we've got a bit of a longer workout. You'll cycle through as many rounds as you can of Lunges, Pike Push-Ups, and Sit-Ups. Do your best to maintain steady breathing! Also, remember: Range Of Motion is Key! Go deep in the Lunges, lock the elbows in Pike Push-Ups, and try to get your shoulders further than your hips in the Sit-Ups. Have fun!



Complete as many rounds as you can in 4 minutes of
20 High-Knees
10 Plank Shoulder-Tap

Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes of
20 Lunges
5 Pike Push-Ups
10 Sit-Ups

Couch Stretch 90 seconds per side
Pike Stretch 60 seconds
Cow Face Pose 60 seconds per side

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