Olympic Weightlifting Workshop


Beginning Saturday, January 5th, CJ Strength will be holding an Olympic Weightlifting workshop from 8am - 9am every other Saturday. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUR CLASS SCHEDULE

This workshop will be taught by Nationally-Ranked Masters Olympic Weightlifter and Olympic Weightlifting Referee Dara Zuckernick. With years of experience competing at a very high level and credentials that speak for themselves, we are very excited to be working with her to provide CJ Strength members with coaching that is second to none!

Each session will be formatted as a typical Olympic Weightlifting workout:

  • Class will start with a coach-led warm-up
  • Technique Primer
  • Main Lift (Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Clean & Jerk, etc.)
  • Accessory Work
  • Coach-Led Cool-Down/Mobility

Each participant will receive 1-on-1 attention and get individualized tips in order to better technique and ultimately come to a better understanding of the Olympic lifts. Learn how to lift safely, effectively, and efficiently!