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  • Open 7 Days Per Week

    We're open every single day, and you have access to all of it. Our Unlimited Membership is TRUE Unlimited; no RSVPing, no choosing which type of class you want to join, no limits on the number of days you can come.

  • Understand What You're Doing

    No more guessing - one of the many benefits of group fitness classes is having a set of eyes on you at all times, so you can be confident you're doing things SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

  • Join A Community

    At CJ Strength, there are no egos and no bad attitudes. You will be warmly welcomed to a community of like-minded individuals who are looking out for each other!

  • Track Your Progress

    The ability to keep track of your progress is imperative to creating consistent results. When you join CJ Strength & Conditioning, you'll get access to our app which allows you to log your results for each workout and track the data, as well as view workouts ahead of time, see your friends' results, cheer each other on, keep notes you can refer back to, and much more!

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Our classes offer a unique blend of strength work and conditioning, as well as proper warm-ups and mobility cool-downs so that you can stay safe and healthy through your fitness journey.

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I have been more than delighted with my CJ experience. I was welcomed into the family at the gym from the very first day!

Fun group of people and great workouts that change each day! Coaching staff is excellent!

Before joining CJ Strength and Conditioning, I was not a fan of going to the gym. This is different from any gym I have ever been to. Chris and Jack are very supportive coaches and the members are all helpful and friendly. This is so much more than a gym. It's a community. I absolutely love it.

I love being a member of this gym! Chris and Jack are not only very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraging, but also concerned with maintaining safety and overall health. Chris, Jack, and the other members continue to help me push myself to reach my strength/fitness goals and have a lot of fun doing it!

I love CJ Strength and Conditioning. I have fun EVERY TIME I go - even when I'm not feeling like going! Great coaches, great participants. I can't say enough great things about this gym! Join!

I love this gym and the people in it. I am eager to get there, and then right before I get there I realize that it is going to be hard work, and though I never decide to turn around and go home, I do wonder why I pay for this pain each day. I am 66 and though that is older than many, I never feel I am in the wrong class or in the wrong gym. I am so grateful for the gym and the coaches!